What My Clients are Saying

  • Princess Pedal Weekend Clinic

    The Princess Pedal weekend clinic was exactly what I hoped it would be. I learned so much more than just how to change a tire (15 minutes is my record) and how to ride safely in a group and on a road. I learned that I can ride for extended periods and enjoy it. I learned that it is OK to be at the back or at the front of a group. I learned to be in the moment and enjoy every minute on my bike. Colleen took time with all of us in the clinic and met us at our skill level. The clinic was super fun and a great base for my summer of riding!  If you are considering this clinic, I can’t say enough good things about it – Register – you won’t regret it!

    Heather, 2016

  • 2016 Princess Pedal Camp

    My experience taking part in the 2016 Princess Pedal Camp in Penticton was very memorable and FUN! I rode distances and hills that I never expected to do.

    Colleen & Gord out did themselves by providing healthy, gourmet meals for the week. Colleen’s organization of the week and dedication to every detail was appreciated and didn’t go unnoticed. Colleen was very inspiring, supportive and encouraging. We rode almost 400 km that week which helped me gain more confidence.

    The scenery in the Penticton area was absolutely amazing. Each day was always a new route and a new challenge that I looked forward to getting through with support.

    I would highly recommend this bike camp.  I felt more prepared and inspired for the Penticton Fondo this summer.

    I look forward to future rides with Colleen!

    Phyllis Q,
    Calgary AB

  • Princess Pedal Camp

    I highly recommend Colleen’s Princess Pedal Camp in Penticton, BC.  I have participated for the past two years and it is an overall great experience.  More than likely, will be attending for the third year.  From the great nutritional meals to the opportunity to challenge your cycling skills.  Colleen starts off the experience with a bike skills and drills session, putting everyone at ease.  From there, each day a challenging ride that allowed me to develop my abilities and to gain confidence with every pedal.  Colleen has a very easy going coaching style that I personally really appreciate.  She has a wonderful way of providing you with the tools to develop your own abilities with encouragement along the way.  I have done more miles and have ridden one of the most challenging rides that I will probably ever accomplish – all with Colleen’s support and coaching.

    Sandy U, CPA, CGA,
    Calgary, AB 

  • Princess Pedal Clinic

    Colleen’s warm, friendly confidence eased me out my nervousness into road cycling confidence. While I still have lots to learn, I feel ready for the next steps! I recommend the Princess Pedal clinics to any woman wanting to take that next step in cycling!

    Debbie S,
    Calgary, AB

  • Princess Pedal Bike Camp

    I have taken part in two Princess Pedal bike camps in Penticton, which is a beautiful place to cycle.  Colleen and Gord were great hosts and organized all the details for the whole week with scenic challenging cycle routes, bike skills and maintenance tips, yoga and nutritional gourmet meals.  Colleen’s coaching style is very friendly, motivational, supportive and encouraging for the beginner to the advanced cyclist as there is always something to learn.   Each year was a fun and great adventure with gained cycle and life skills, wonderful memories and new friendships.  I continue to ride with Colleen and others from the camp.

    Sue S,
    Calgary, AB

  • Princess Pedal Camp

    Princess Pedal Camp was one of the best things I’ve ever done. With Colleen’s positive encouragement, I cycled farther than I ever thought possible and gained valuable skills and confidence on my bike. The week just got better and better! Colleen & Gord welcomed us with open arms and took such good care of us. I can’t wait to go again!

    Christa Carter,
    Calgary, AB

  • Total Fitness and Lifestyle Makeover

    I had the good fortune to meet Colleen 13 years ago as I embarked on a total fitness and lifestyle makeover. I am not exaggerating to say Colleen changed my life. I was a 50 year old overweight, smoking, couch potato who was in dire need of change. 21 marathons (including 2 Boston’s), and 50 pounds later, my life has changed in so many ways because of Colleen’s, counselling, nutrition advice, exercise guidance and encouragement.

    I am entering the last 1/3 of my life in the best shape ever, and more importantly, able to enjoy grandchildren, travel and life’s adventures to the fullest.

    Colleen has the expertise and experience backed up by sound science to provide services in the lifestyle, nutrition, and coaching fields to a wide range of people from those beginning on a lifestyle change to the experience athlete. I would highly recommend Colleen as a lifestyle coach.

    Bob Wright
    Victoria, BC.

  • Coaching Knowledge & Ability

    I have the highest regard for Colleen’s coaching knowledge and ability. I have been coached by her in groups, workshops and personally since the latter 1990’s to my first marathon and through a dozen since. She has coached in nutrition and hydration, training plans and race plans for 10 ks, halves & marathons. Her professionalism allows her to impact all levels of athletes, personalities and groups. Every time I have brought a situation to her, the response exceeded my expectations. I am very happy to hear that Colleen is devoting full-time to coaching.

    Walter Zuk,
    Calgary, AB.

  • Regular Guest Lecturer at UofC

    Colleen has been a regular guest lecturer in one of my undergraduate courses in the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary since 2003.  She has a vast knowledge base in the area of nutrition and exercise, both from a basic and applied perspective.

    Colleen has been diligent about constantly evolving her annual guest lecture to meet the changing needs of our student population and to provide them with current and applicable nutrition information.  She does an excellent job of making this information “real” by using several different teaching strategies during her guest lecture allowing for a rich and informed discussion in the classroom.

    I have found Colleen to be a very competent lecturer and she provides valuable hands-on information for my undergraduate students. Colleen is a true professional.

    Aaron Tubman, Ph.D.
    Exercise Physiology, Faculty Member
    Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Calgary

  • My Privilege to Recommend Colleen

    In the 23 years that I’ve been a fitness trainer, I’ve met many nutrition experts. Colleen Parsons is someone whose professionalism has made it an honor to work beside her. I have the utmost respect for her integrity and the time and effort she invests in the advice and knowledge she imparts to her clients. She cares. It is my privilege to recommend Colleen Parsons to you.”

    Sandra Buekert
    Owner One on One Personal Fitness Instruction

  • Extensive Education & Athletic Experience

    To say that Colleen was my “trainer” for my first and second marathons doesn’t quite capture the importance of her role in my race preparation. The breadth of Colleen’s knowledge impressed me right from the beginning. Not only did she provide a detailed training program that was designed to help me achieve my goals safely and successfully, her knowledge of nutrition, injury prevention and treatment, and virtually every other aspect of training, blew my mind. Her approach to training is no nonsense – set reasonable goals, follow the program, listen to the science and your body, don’t be tempted by fads, and you will be fine. Colleen’s combination of extensive education and athletic experience are very apparent in her coaching. She knows what she’s talking about.

    In the classroom, Colleen is a casual, well prepared and to-the-point presenter who engages her audience with her expertise and humour. I enjoyed her lectures – and learned a ton from them – as well as her pep talks out on the road. She has a calm, friendly and supportive style that made it easy for me to believe in myself, and helped me to achieve what I had imagined to be the unachievable. Thanks in large part to Colleen, I far exceeded my training goals without suffering any serious injuries, and somehow managed to enjoy every step along the way. I hit the finish lines already planning my next race. I would train with Colleen Parsons again in heartbeat.

    Alice Swabey,
    Calgary, AB