Performance Coaching

Run or Bike Coaching

As the Head Coach of the University of Calgary Marathon Training Team for many years and Leader of Princess Pedal, I have seen hundreds of runners go from ‘beginner’ to Boston and cyclists go from terrified beginner to confident and free. If you are interested in developing your running or riding skill, fitness and speed, please contact me.

Individualized, monthly, flexible training programs are developed for individuals looking to become a little more efficient or get a little faster. Minimum 3 month commitment. Small groups of friends training together are welcome.

Monthly coaching begins at $140/month

Running 101 Technique Clinics

If you are unsure about your running technique and would like some guidance, a Running 101 Technique Clinic may be exactly what you need. Colleen will assess your running form and provide feedback and instruction to help you become a more efficient runner.

This 1.5hr session includes:

  • Running assessment
  • Technique instruction
  • A 1 month program plan to get you started
  • One follow-up meeting

Individual Clinics: $200 +GST

If you have a small group of running friends, or are an individual looking for some assistance – you are easily accommodated.  Please contact Colleen directly at to set up your custom session.

Team Event Training

If you are planning to do an event and would like to be coached through the process, let me help your group to your next great achievement. Train for the event of your choice – and take it to the next level with a small group of like-minded athletes.

This type of training is perfect for:

  • A group just getting started or wanting to get faster
  • A group of colleagues or friends interested in riding a Gran Fondo event or bike tour
  • Runners interested in 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, ultra

Learn how to train properly for a 10K, relay, half marathon, marathon or triathlon event. From the couch to the finish line…everyone can be accommodated.

Training begins as soon as you decide you’re ready. Please contact me for more information on services, fees or to help me customize something for you.

Some of your options include:

  • Training schedule that takes you through to the event of your choice
  • Educational sessions (Physiology, injury prevention, nutrition, strengthening)
  • Technique sessions (Run, Bike, Race Walking)

Nutrition for Performance

Your nutrition sometimes takes a back seat, but when you are starting a training program you discover quickly that it needs to be a priority.  Whether you are running your first half marathon or riding your first Gran Fondo you want to be at the start line confident that you have prepared yourself completely for this big event.

Initial Consultation – 1.5 hr includes:

  • Three day food record assessment
  • Solution driven action plan for balancing your daily nutritional requirements
  • Focus on training and recovery needs
  • Follow up phone call 1-2 weeks later

Session fee: $165 +GST

Race Day Planning – 1.0 hr includes:

  • Look specifically at your event and tailor your preferred fuel and drink to that end
  • Discuss and find solutions for issues you may be experiencing during your training/events
  • Get you comfortable and calm about your fuel for your big day.

Session fee: $125 + GST