Health Coaching

General Fitness

There are many reasons to bump-up your general fitness but where the physical benefits may be what we desire, the mental benefits are what keep us coming back. Starting a fitness program shouldn’t be scary or a chore. Working with a coach is sometimes the best way to navigate the how-to’s as you wade into this beautiful arena. We will work together to find a balance of strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular activities that will deliver a healthier you.

Program includes:

  • Initial meeting to determine needs
  • Program design based on a minimum of 3 months
  • Demonstration of exercises when required
  • Monthly updates to your program to keep you moving forward

Monthly fee: begins at $140 +GST


Finding overall balance is a challenge in today’s environment where everyone is constantly connected, in-demand and overstretched. Whether you are working from home or part of a team or workplace – investing in yourself and your team is the right thing to do. Working together we can find a way to refocus on you, your health and a path to help you LiveSplendidly!

Monthly coaching includes:

  • Initial intake meeting
  • 2-3 meetings per month depending on your needs – and will include at least one in-person and one phone call monthly.

We will work together to improve your overall health by focusing on general fitness, lifestyle changes and a healthy-eating approach.

Please contact me for more information on services, fees or to help me customize something for you.

Healthy Eating

Sometimes it’s difficult to sift through all of the information available to us in the media. The nutrition consult is a wonderful way to streamline your thoughts and give clarity to your goals. Whether you’re looking to rehab your diet or start fresh with healthy eating – this is a great place to start.

Initial Consultation – 1.5 hr includes:

  • Three day food record assessment using an online tool or paper and pen depending on your preference
  • Development of a solution driven action plan for balancing your daily nutritional requirements
  • Focus on your lifestyle and food preferences
  • Follow-up phone call 1-2 weeks after initial session

Session fee: $165 +GST

Follow-up Sessions

These sessions may be a terrific way to stay accountable while you make changes toward healthier eating. Most clients feel that checking in on a regular basis helps them to deal with questions and concerns as they pop up. These may be accomplished on the phone, Skype, FaceTime or email.

Session fee: $125/hour + GST and may be purchased in “blocks” of 15 minutes.